About the Game

the Moo monster begins..

Game Lore

5000 years ago, the Moomon of life and the Moomon of death has created a war that covers the world light and dark half side to find an opportunity to seize the power of the other party come together as one's own power
Until one day, a meteor fell on both sides of the Mooniverse to look at the meteor hole. And then another war broke out over the meteor rock. when the war is about to begin The stone was lit up. Then there was the Moomon God, the messenger of the Moomon God, coming out of the rock and ordering both sides to end the war. to create a new world.
But the Moomons on both sides were confident in the number of troops. and own power So I will add to the Moomon god, the messenger of the Moomon god. The Moomon god, the messenger of the Moomon god, therefore cursed the head of the Moomon on both sides. become a jewel of power But these gems of power are indestructible Because it is the cycle of the Mooniverse. It can't be taken out of the Mooniverse either.
So I thought it would be easy to separate 2 gems into 7 gems instead. 1. Lightning 2. Ice 3. Lava 4. Magic 5. Gold 6. Darkness 7. Light
Divide the power from 2 to 7 and it should be weaker. until there is no more great war. Because the Moomon god, the bearer of the Moomon god, is lazy to think of a solution instead of the Moomon god. and then share it Each tribe of Moomons who are very tired of war take care in every corner of the world so that there will be no more war and cast the jewel of darkness and jewel of light Abandoned on different sides of the world and hope that no Moomons will find them anywhere. I really don't know. The legend tells this.
As time passed, the five tribes of Moomons met. Then set up the city as the main city of the Mooniverse with 5 races together. And there are warrior pigs protecting the gems inherited and trained continuously. Until one day, there was a thunder Moomon who wanted to be a Moomon of thunder warriors to serve. Jewel of Lightning One of them went for a run around the ancient craters that are now a long-defunct mine. and met a strange light shining from the entrance So I walked in to see and saw that this light was a dimensional portal.
Then there was a child who flew out from the portal at the same time.. And Moo monster the game begins...