Claim Reward (MOO)

Introducing the $MOO of Moo Monster Game

  • MOO - MOO on Blockchain.
  • gMOO - rMOO in-game wallet.
  • rMOO - MOO in reward wallet.

Flow Claim

gMOO -> rMOO -> MOO
Players need to transfer coins from in-game wallet to reward wallet. Players need at least 100 $MOO* to transfer coins to the reward wallet in order to claim the rewards. Players are allowed to transfer coins into the reward wallet only for reward claiming purposes.
With tax included, there are minimum is 300 $MOO and maximum is 1000 $MOO rewards** that players can claim. The amount of rewards will be calculated from the latest claim. Tax will start to count on the first registration day and decrease each day.
*The minimum amount of $MOO token needed in your wallet for transfer purposes may change at any time.
** Min/Max will be announced on the upcoming Beta test.
Last modified 1yr ago