Players can fuse 2 Moo Monster of the same type, element and star along with level and food max to increase the star. Players can choose any Moo Monsters to be the main character for the fusion.
Players can fuse 2 Moo Monster of the same type, element and star along with level and food max to increase the star. Players can choose any Moo Monsters to be the main character for the fusion. Once fusion is completed, players will only get Moo with a higher star but with the same stats, element and MOO Daily/Total. All Level and max evolve will reset to 1 and Baby I.


After the release of PVP details, all of you might want to know more about Fusion Feature. Am I right? This article will tell about all the details of Fusion Feature, which all the players must know. Let’s go!
Fusion is a feature that allows you to combine Moomons of the same number of starts and same types. In exchange for adding stars to your Moomon, you will lose one Moomon for a fusion. However, your Moomon will earn the same amount of money. The stars added by Fusion will be blue.
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    It’s not even necessary to use the same element. However, it must have the same number of stars and the same Moomon type. The result is the element produced by combining it with the original element. For example, you have two 2-star Moomon D-Bolt with distinct elements, one of which is a Fire D-Bolt and the other a Dark D-Bolt. You can combine these two D-Bolts to create a 3-start Fire D-Bolt.
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    Moomon’s earnings will be stopped at the original fusion stars. Generally speaking, earning will be calculated from a yellow star.
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    Fusion from 2-star to 3-star will not fail. The exception is that From 3-star to 4-star, there will be a 10% possibility of failure. From 4-star to 5-star, there will be a 30% possibility of failure. From 5-star to 6-star, there will be a 50% possibility of failure. The possibility of failing varies depending on the star level of the Moomon fusioned; therefore, Fusion % book is available for Fusion tiers 3–4, 4–5, and 5–6.

Fusion % book Format

(The Fusion Percent Book) is a scripture that lowers the chances of fusion failure. It can be obtained through several levels of dropping.
Table showing a stat value (Fusion % book)
  • % Rate is the percentage that (Fusion 5 book) helps lower the chances of fusion failure.
  • Drop is the ability to find (Fusion % book) from different levels.
  • Rate drop is the percentage that (Fusion % book) has a possibility to drop in early levels

Terms of use: Fusion % book

The terms of use in the Fusion % book depend on the development of the characters.
  1. 1.
    For a fusion from 3-star to 4-star and 4-star to 5-star, Fusion % book is available for any form (2% to 8%)
  2. 2.
    For a fusion from 5-star to 6-star, Fusion % book is only available for 4% and 8%.
  3. 3.
    The use of Fusion % book can be merged to improve the chances of merging success. For example, the use of 2 incomplete scrolls and 1 normal scroll enhances the chance of successful fusion by 8%.

How to use

After explaining the details, let’s take a look at Fusion methods
  1. 1.
    Go to Inventory >> Moo Fusion
2. Choose Moomon that you want make a fusion.
3. Choose the same type of Moomon. In the example, we choose 2 4-star Shadows. No need for identical elements.
4. Let’s start the process
5. Click”approve” Button
6. Click”Confirm” Button
7. Click”Fusion” Button
8. There will be 30% of risk of breakage if no (Fusion % book).
9. Pay for Fusion fees
10. Click”Confirm”Button
11. Fusion failed. This is the outcome of failing to insert (Fusion % book). The 4-star Moonmon has gone. T^T
12. Try again. It is Dark Freezy and Fire Freezy for this time.
13. SUCCESSFUL!! Warning: Do not try your luck when making a fusion XD
14. Receive a Dark Freezy similar to the original with the 5-star. The earning from this Freezy will be at 4-star. Although it can be fusioned as 6-star in the future, this Freezy can still earn only 4-star.
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