Player can spin the slot to get special prize from slot banner by pressing Dice button at the main menu. Player also need Gacha ticket to spin the slot and the prize player will get is random.


Slot is the system that give all players a chance to get a good rewards by using Gacha ticket or PVP Gacha ticket to spin the slot. There are different banner and prize to choose and different amount of ticket needed to use for one spin. Player can use open slot by pressing the Dice button at the main menu page and it will lead to slot banner page.

There are different banner for player to choose such as

  1. Classic banner : The basic banner that give some rewards to players. The ticket need for one spin is only one ticket. The prize rewards change seasonal.

  2. Royal banner : The upgrade banner that give special rewards to player. Top prize example are Mystery egg or Golder egg. Needed two ticket per one spin. The prize rewards change seasonal.

  3. PVP banner : Coming soon!

When players select the banner they will move to next page. in this page player can choose to spin one time or ten times in a row. If the amount of ticket is not enough, purchase window will pop-up and players can buy ticket by using $Moo in game.

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