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Gameplay Format

Genre: Real-time Strategy RPG Format: Player side (1-5 units) vs Enemies Inspired by: Digimon, Summoner war: Lost centuria
To play the game, the player must form a team from the characters that the player has. To fight enemies in various obstacles, Players must take into the combat abilities of their own and enemy units. About winning the way - losing the way and finding the enemy's weak point. So that players will go down to collect levels and experience from playing to develop their own units to be better and overcome any obstacles that are waiting for you.
In gameplay details. When entering combat, your team and the enemy side will automatically fight by a normal attack. And during the battle, you have to press the available skills. Each skill is based on your character, what skills all characters have. Then the game will randomly generate skills that your team has. Each skill has a different cost. Players must wait for a sufficient cost to use the skill. After using the skill, there will be new skills randomly coming out all the time.
If the player is able to defeat the enemies that stand in their way. Of course, all of you will be rewarded with a worthy reward for you.

Character Introduction


Human Character

Human Stats

  • Level
  • Class
  • HP
  • ATK
  • SPD
  • DEF
  • CRI Rate


Moomon Character

Moo Monster Stats

  • Level
  • Fight Count
  • Element
  • Evolution limit
  • HP
  • ATK
  • SPD
  • DEF
  • CRI Rate
More Moomon Information

Basic game system

Evolution System

Normally, Moomon will be in the Rookie form. In fighting mode (PVP, PVE) Moomon can be evolved during the battle.

Element System

Elemental allergy
There are 5 elements in the Moo monster game: Fire, Water, Earth, Light and Dark. Affects the damage dealt to the opponent and received damage from the opponent. Each element will have a winning way, losing way as follows:
Fire element
  • Deal more damage to Earth elemental
Water element
  • Deal more damage to Fire elemental.
Earth element
  • Deal more damage to Water elemental.
Light element
  • Deal more damage to Dark elemental.
Dark element
  • Deal more damage to Light elemental.

Battle status

During battles with enemies, characters will be able to increase their stats or be lowered. from the skill of the player's side of the enemy's side which are categorized as follows:
Buff, Debuff, and DOT
  • Increase Attack
  • Increase Def
  • Increase Critical
  • Increase Speed
  • Reflect
  • Recovery
  • Immune
  • Invincibility
  • Retrieve(Revive)
  • Remove Debuff
  • Stun
  • Reduce Speed
  • Reduce Attack
  • Reduce Armor
  • Silent
  • Reduce Critical
  • Unrecoverable(Unhealable)
  • Remove Buff
  • Burn
  • Poison

Game Attributes

To prevent excessive coin inflation of $MOO, we need to limit playing conditions by the following configuration attributes
  • Player Stamina (Energy)
  • Moocoin daily limit
  • Daily quests